Tukwila man critically injured in “aggressive driving” accident near Interstate 5

A 23-year-old Tukwila man was critically injured on Friday morning as he attempted to pass traffic that had slowed down due to a broken down logging truck.

The Washington State Patrol said that traffic was slow due to the disabled truck and that the man aggressively attempted to merge from 518 onto Interstate 5 and crashed into the disabled truck. His view of the disabled truck may have been obscured by a UPS truck
The man was critically injured and his Chevy SUV was totaled in the accident.

The WSP wants this accident to be an object lesson. In a press release they wrote that this was an entirely preventable motor vehicle accident if the driver had slowed down and not attempted to merge on the I-5 before legally allowed.

Aggressive Driving Accidents

Aggressive driving is defined as driving an automobile in a selfish, pushy or impatient or unsafe manner which endangers oneself or other drivers. Often an aggressive driver injures other motorists, not just himself. Aggressive driving behaviors can include ignoring freeway ramp meters, driving on the shoulder or, in this case, merging without caution.

Aggressive drivers can be cited for “Negligent Driving in the Second Degree.” In this case, the driver’s severe injuries seem to be penalty enough for his rash actions.

How an Experienced Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you have been seriously injured or you have had a loved one seriously injured or killed and the other motorist was cited for negligent driving, then you most likely have a valid claim for compensation. An experienced personal injury can help. The sooner your attorney can interview witnesses; get a copy of the police report; obtain any surveillance videotapes or cell phone records, the better. All of these records as well as your medical records can allow your attorney fight for the compensation you deserve.

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