University of Washington Study: Traumatic Injuries Cause Long Lasting Pain

Researchers at the University of Washington of Seattle report that 60% of traumatic injury victims still have significant pain more than a year after the accident. The study which was published in the journal, Archives of Surgery was conducted by Dr. Frederick Rivara, MD. The study followed 3047 patients from the ages of 18-24 in 14 States. Patients were the victims of traumatic injury such as falls and motor vehicle accidents. The injuries patients received included head injuries, broken limbs, abdominal trauma. Patients suffered pain in their back, limbs, head and neck.They were asked to assess their pain on a scale from 1-10 with 10 the most severe. Traumatic injury patients scored an average of 5.5 a year after their initial trauma.

Dr Frederick commented, “I was surprised that the pain was as common and as severe as they report it to be.” The study findings encourage physicians to treat the pain as well as the injury. “Earlier and more intensive interventions to treat pain in trauma patients in needed,” is one of the conclusions of the study.

According to the American Pain Foundation, people who suffer chronic pain are at a higher risk of depression than the population at large. They also miss more days of work, are disabled and unable to function normally. Chronic pain leads to 100 billion dollars in lost income and productivity, according to the Foundation, .

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