Unsecured load crashes into Kirkland woman’s car near Marysville

A Kirkland woman, Chrissy Gombos, and her passenger were terrified when an unsecured load from the back of a pickup truck flew out of the truck, hitting her Ford Focus and causing substantial to it on Interstate 5 near Marysville.

Gombos and her companion were headed to Skagit County when a chunk of debris came flying at her car. The front axle of her car was bent and her gas tank punctured from hitting the debris. It seems from the damage to her vehicle, that disaster was narrowly averted. Had the debris gone through her windshield or if she had lost control of her car or it had caught on fire, she might have been seriously injured or killed.

Gombos speculated that the pickup truck driver was unaware that something flew off the truck reports Seattle’s KOMO News.com and reporter Ray Lane.

The Washington State Patrol is asking anyone with information about the car accident to contact them.

Washington State has a statute, RCW 46.61.655, which provides a penalty for lost or unsecured loads. Dubbed “Maria’s Law” after Maria Federicci, a young woman who was blinded and suffered severe injuries after a piece of particle board fell off a truck and went through her windshield, the statute makes it a second degree misdemeanor to not fasten a load on a vehicle.

In Washington State alone, more than 400 traffic accidents occur every year because of unsecured loads. Heavy objects like furniture and refrigerators, can shift and if they land on another vehicle while traveling at high speeds they can cause severe injury or even death.

It is incumbent on drivers to secure their loads and there are products like TarpX which can make it simple for drivers to do so.

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