Vancouver, WA motorcycle accident injures man

KOMO reports that the force of impact between a motorcycle and a automobile launched the motorcyclist into the air where he landed 20′ away after knocking down a high school student waiting for the bus.

According to the report, Christopher Elston, 24, of Vanouver was heading north on Northeast 159th Avenue when a Saturn turned left onto Northeast 73rd Street directly in front of him. The Suzuki motorcycle hit the Saturn and launched Elston into the air.

Elston was taken to Southwest Washington Medical Center for treatment of a compound fracture to his left leg. His injuries are described as “serious.” The high school student was apparently only stunned, not injured.

The police are investigating the accident to determine if anyone should be cited.

It appears as if the Saturn failed to yield the right of way to Elston. WPI 70.0201, provides that a driver intending to turn left within an intersection shall yield the right of way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction which is within or close to the intersection that the turn would create an immediate hazard. The primary duty is with the driver turning left to provide a reasonable margin of safety.

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