Virginia Tech Transportation Institute releases study on cell phone and driver distraction

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute just released the data from their large-scale and naturalistic driving studies which provide data on driver distraction and cell phone usage. Their studies observed drivers for more than 6 million miles of driving.

We recommend you read the study and share it with the members of your family. Basically, the study tells us what we already know: using cell phones while driving distracts the driver — even a hands-free device — and increases your chances of being in a car or truck accident. Text messaging or “texting” while driving is even more dangerous than dialing or answering your phone. Truck drivers who text message are 23.2 times more likely to be in a truck accident or near accident while texting.

seattle car accident attorneyIt seems like a “no brainer” — any activity that takes your eyes off the road when you are driving 55 miles per hour is going to endanger the lives of everyone in your vehicle and the other drivers on the road and increase your chances of being involved in an accident.

Read the study
and then ban your teenagers from ever using their cell phone while driving. And, then avoid using your cell phone while driving and never text message while driving.

If you have been in a car or truck accident and you believe it was caused by the other driver’s usage of a cell phone, read our article “What if my accident was caused by someone using a cell phone?

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