Walla Walla sheriff’s deputy uses “spike strip” to stop erratic driver in Burbank

Walla Walla, Washington police used a “spike strip” to flatten the tires on a 2002 Honda Accord when they noticed its driver was involved in several near-misses on Interstate-182 in Pasco.

Richland police Detective Dean Murstig saw the Honda, driven by Terry Rhea, 36, of Oregon, driving erratically in Pasco and followed his vehicle in an unmarked patrol car. Murstig said he witnessed several near-misses including one with a semi-truck. He said that Rhea looked at him several times and then looked back at the road. Detective Murstig alerted the Washington State Patrol.

Once the Honda was stopped, police called an ambulance as they believe Rhea was experiencing a Diabetes-related medical problem. It is a good thing that Murstig was alert and on-duty because he may have averted a car accident which might have had tragic consequences.

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