Washington Department of Transportation: “Pay attention to road closures”

The Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) is warning motorists that they should not attempt to travel on a roadway that has been closed due to an emergency. Sometimes roads are closed to insure the safety of DOT crews who are doing maintenance on the road such as snow removal or avalanche control. Other times, the road is simply impassable because of too much snow, standing water or a severe traffic accident.

This week, the DOT had to close sections of SR 27 and SR 21 to enable crews to work and several motorists ignored the signs and tried to traverse the road anyway.

The DOT is warning drivers who do not obey closure signs that may be fined up to $124. RCW 47.48.040 is a statute that provides for “Road Closed” signs. According to the statute, only police, fire, emergency vehicle or WSDOT vehicles are permitted to bypass these signs.

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