Washington State cell phone law goes in effect July 1st

A new law regulating cell phone use while driving goes in effect July 1st throughout Washington State. The new law makes it illegal to put a cell phone to your ear while driving, although you can still use a cell phone with a hands-free device such as blue tooth or an ear plug. The new law was enacted in the hopes of reducing car accidents. According to the The Olympian, the fine will be $124.

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The law makes using a cell phone while driving a secondary offense. That means, police can not stop you just for a cell phone infraction but they can ticket you if they stop you for something else.

Text messaging while driving became a secondary offense earlier in the year in Washington State
If you believe your accident was caused by the other driver being inattentive due to cell phone usage, you should take the following steps immediately after the accident:

  • Ask any witnesses if they observed the other driver using a cell phone
  • Ask the other driver in front of witnesses, “Were you using your cell phone?”
  • Ask the police officer to check the person’s cell phone for their number and also last few calls and times of calls. If the driver refuses, the officer can ask them for their cell phone number.
  • Once you have received medical treatment, contact your auto accident attorney who may ask the court to legally preserve the cell phone records of the other driver. This information can help you prove in court that the other driver was negligent due to cell phone usage.

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