Washington state legislature mulls two “complete street” bills

The Washington state legislature has before it two House Bills before which would help in the creation of “complete streets.” Complete streets is urban planning/engineering so that all the users of a street — pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists — can navigate safely.

Complete streets usually include sidewalks, bicycle lanes, wide shoulders, well-designed crosswalks, medians, bus lanes, pedestrian signals, and traffic calming techniques including street trees, planter strips and staggered parking.

The Seattle Bike Blog has a couple of before and after photos of a complete streets project at 15th Ave S and S Lander St. The difference is dramatic and makes the street much more safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The two House Bills are:

HB1070 – which eases design standards which allows municipalities more leeway in designing road projects.
HB 1071 – which creates a complete streets grant program
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