Washington State Patrol targets “unsafe trucks”

In a Washington State Patrol press release, the Patrol announced that they conducted a campaign targeting unsafe trucks in an effort to prevent motor vehicle accidents. Troopers emphasized trucking in Klickitat County and patrolled major Washington State highways and scales scrutinizing trucks to insure that their loads were secure and not overweight as well as looking for other violations.

The Patrol has found that campaigns such as this prevents serious motor vehicle accidents. According to the release, troopers inspected 151 commercial vehicles and stopped 34 passenger cars for “driving erratically around commercial motor vehicles.” The Patrol placed 24 of the 151 vehicles stopped “out-of-service” for equipment violations and five drivers were removed from service for violations.

Seattle Car Accident Lawyer BlogThe Patrol reported that they found the following violations:

• 32 brake violations

• 15 load unsecured load violations

• 24 lighting device violations

• 11 tire/wheel combination violations

• 19 miscellaneous violations

• 5 aggressive driving violations

• 1 driver’s license violation

• 11 medical certificate violations

• 22 logbook violations

• 20 over legal weight violations

• 14 seat belt violations

• 53 speed violations
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