Washington State Patrol to target motorcycle riders

The Washington State Patrol issued a Media Release announcing they will be targeting motorcyclists in the Puget Sound region in the near future. The will be focusing on the following violations: speed, driving under the influence (DUI), aggressive driving and failing to wear an approved helmet. This comes after the Patrol has seen an increasing number of fatal motorcycle accidents in the past few months. According to the Patrol, there have been 9 motorcycle accident fatalities in the past 12 weeks in the Puget Sound region.

Calling most motorcycle accidents preventable, troopers say that they have noticed riders with little or no experience getting into accidents on bikes so powerful that they can travel in excess of 150 mph. They have also noticed a trend among older riders who purchase large cruising bike without having the experience to ride them.

The Patrol says they will also ticket any motorcyclist caught riding without the proper motorcycle endorsement on their license. Approximately 40% of riders who are killed do not have the proper endorsement. The Patrol say they may impound motorcycles whose riders do not have the endorsement.

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According to the Washington State Department of Licensing, a motorcyclist can get the endorsement by:

  • Passing a motorcycle knowledge test
  • Passing the motorcycle riding test or,
  • Completing and passing an approved rider course at a motorcycle training school.

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