Washington Teen Driver Safety Week web-site

Governor Christine Gregoire has declared October 18-24 as “Teen Driver Safety Week.” Car accidents are the leading cause of fatalities among teenagers in Washington State. So far this year, 33 teenagers have died in traffic accidents. In 2008, 37 teenagers between the ages of 16-19 were killed in motor vehicle accidents and 258 sustained serious injuries.

The Washington Department of Transportation has developed a web-site in conjunction with WA Teen Driver Safety week and has a lot of resources for teenage drivers and their parents including information on Washington’s intermediate driver licensing law. The web-sites report that there are a lot of ways parents can educate their teenager and keep them safe while driving:

  • Know and enforce the intermediate driver license
  • Restrict night driving.
  • Restrict passengers.
  • Supervise teen driving.
  • Require seat belt use.
  • Prohibit drinking.
  • Choose a safe vehicle for your teen to drive, avoiding sports cars and trucks and small SUVs.

See the DOT web-site for more information.

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