Washington Traffic Safety Commission totally candid about where and when DUI emphasis patrols will take place

The Washington Traffic Safety Commission is not keeping it a secret where and when the joint task force of DUI patrols will be taking place. They are publishing all the information on a web-site called watikileaks.com.

The watikileaks web-site shows the times, dates and places where extra DUI police patrols are looking for drunken drivers.

bellevue car accident lawyerThe web-site and the DUI emphasis patrols are all part of “Target Zero” an initiative of the Traffic Safety Commission and local law enforcement to get drunken drivers off of the road. There goal: zero traffic accident fatalities or serious injuries within the next two decades. Deterrence in a huge party of the strategy in enforcement of DUI laws.

Alcohol abuse is a leading cause of car accident deaths in Washington State. In fact, approximately 48% of all Washington car accident deaths, alcohol, drugs and medications were a factor.

Aggressive enforcement of drunken driving has already lowered the number of fatalities in the past few years.

Using the watikileaks.com web-site is easy. A driver can choose a county and a list of the DUI emphasis patrols are listed. For example:

  • August 26-27 – DUI patrols will be throughout downtown Redmond and Seattle.
  • September 2-5 Extra DUI patrols will be out in the following King County cities: Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Newcastle, Sammamish, Issaquah, Snoqualmie, and North Bend areas.
  • September 9-10 – Extra DUI patrols will be in Downtown Kirkland.
  • September 10-11 – Extra DUI patrols will be out in Redmond.

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