What causes a Whiplash injury?

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of a Whiplash Injury and is the most common car accident injury. Whiplash injuries can occur in high speed car accidents on freeways or even in parking lot “fender bender” accidents. There is not always a direct correlation between the speed and intensity of impact and the amount of injury to the victim. Even car accidents at low speeds can cause a Whiplash Injury to the passengers in a car.
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Whiplash Causes

  • car and motor vehicle accidents
  • sports injuries, most common in contact sports
  • a blow to the head by a falling object
  • being thrown off a horse
  • skiing accident
  • physical assault
  • chronic stress or repetitive injuries including holding ones head a certain way to do a job or hold a phone.
  • abuse of a child or person — a shaking injury.

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