What is a Whiplash injury?

Whiplash is a layman’s term for a cervical sprain, cervical strain or a hyperextension injury. Other terms that describe this injury is acceleration flexion-extension neck injury, or neck strain. It refers to an injury to the soft tissues of a person’s neck including muscles, tendons and ligaments. seattle car accident attorney

Whiplash injuries
can be mild with pain just lasting a few days or it can be a permanent and severe disability which causes limited range of motion or the head or the spine and chronic pain.

Whiplash can be a result of a motor vehicle accident, a fall, a sports injury or an assault. Whiplash can also occur on rides at amusement parks, as a result of being thrown off of a horse, or a fall from a bicycle or skateboard.

Whiplash is caused when a extraordinary force causes a person’s neck to move beyond the neck’s normal range of motion.

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