What to say to an insurance adjuster after a car accident?

telephone-notes-61020-m.jpgIf you’ve been in a car, motorcycle or truck accident in Washington state, you’ve likely already exchanged auto insurance information and with the other motorist as required by law. You should then call your insurance agent to report the accident. You will also be contacted by the other driver’s insurance company who will interview you about the accident. Often this phone call will be recorded if you give permission.

When speaking with an insurance adjuster, there are often mistakes that drivers make which could hurt their injury accident case in the case.

Avoid these mistakes when talking to an insurance adjuster:

  1. Admitting fault – You may or may not have caused your auto accident. You should not tell the insurance adjuster that you could have avoided the accident. Do not mitigate the other person’s actions because you do not know what was going on in their vehicle, whether they were speeding or had been drinking. Just state the facts as you know them.
  2. Don’t minimize your injuries– Often people downplay their injuries after an auto accident. Many people are stoic or don’t like to whine. Often, the extent of a person’s injuries, how their injuries will impact the activities of every day living are unknown and recovery time is also unknown. You are not a doctor and you do not know your prognosis or how long your pain or anxiety will last.
  3. Give facts, not opinions – You never know who is at fault in a car accident so just report the facts as you know them and resist giving your opinion.
  4. Get legal advice before speaking with an insurance adjuster – You are not obligated to speak with an insurance adjuster if you don’t feel comfortable. If you are injured, you may wish to first contact a Washington personal injury attorney for a free consultation to insure that your rights are protected. A personal injury attorney can advise you on how much treatment you should get, how to document your injuries and how to gather information for your case.

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