When does the Washington State Patrol investigate a car accident?

The Farber Law Group works with a lot of clients that have been involved in a Washington State automobile accident. Often, a police report is made of the accident and we request a copy of the report for the client’s record. Sometimes a local police department will write the report. Other times, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) is involved and investigates and reports on a motor vehicle accident. Clients ask us this question, “When does the Washington State Patrol investigate an accident?” The WSP web-site provides that answer and we thought we’d paraphrase it here.

The Washington State Patrol has a Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) and it investigates “catastrophic collisions” within their jurisdiction. Their criteria is based upon the severity of the accident and the following factors:

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  • Accidents involving an on-duty State Patrol or Department of Transportation personnel.
  • Fatal collisions involving state owned vehicles.
  • Collisions with three or more fatalities.
  • Multi-vehicle collisions with one or more fatalities which involve a commercial vehicle.
  • Any collision involving a school bus carrying passengers in which a person is killed or sustains a major injury.
  • Any collision which resulted in a fatality or major injury where a high likelihood of a tort claim against the state exists.

This information was adapted from the Washington State Patrol web-site.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious auto accident which resulted in a serious injury or a fatality, you should contact a personal injury attorney so that your rights are protected. With the help of The Farber Law Group, we may recover compensation for your injuries or for the wrongful death of a loved one.

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