Who’s at fault in Seattle pedicab accident?

Our previous Blog Posting reported on the recent pedicab accident that occurred in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. In that tragic accident, a pedicab apparently went through a red light on a steep hill, collided with a car, resulting in the death of a tourist and injuring his wife and the pedicab operator.

We presume that the investigation into the accident’s cause is still ongoing and our deepest sympathies go out to the victims of this tragic accident. The question on a lot of people’s minds is, “Whose at fault?”

Lingering questions remain:

  • Did the pedicab fail to provide proper training for their drivers? Are drivers cautioned about hilly streets and also the amount of weight a cab can carry and shave the brakes function correctly?
  • Did the company have approved and non-approved routes? Was the driver allowed to drive on this hilly route with a steep grade?
  • Was brake failure the cause? If so, were the brakes rated to work with the load it was carrying? Were the brakes properly maintained?
  • Was the pedicab operating the cab in a safe manner? Was he negligent in any way in the operation of the vehicle?

Seattle’s, The Stranger, wrote an article entitled The Fall Guy which is well worth reading. In the article, Eli Sanders interviews a former pedicab driver who believes the accident was “caused by shoddy maintenance and lax safety.”

The Belltowner also is blog where people are commenting on the accident. You might want to read that too.

For now, we hope the victims are recovering from the injuries.

For the future, we hope the investigation pinpoints the exact cause of the accident and then steps be taken so this tragic accident is not repeated.

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