Woman from Seattle killed in Boston bicycling accident

Police are investigating the death of Kelsey Rennebohm, 28, formerly of Seattle, who was killed in a bicycle accident involving a Boston metro bus. Rennebohm was a graduate student pursuing a counseling psychology master’s degree at Boston College.

The Boston Herald reported that the stretch of roadway on Huntington Avenue where Rennebohm was hit and killed is a particularly dangerous roadway with three other cyclist deaths on the roadway in the past few years.

Every year, there are upwards of 50,000 bicyclists injured according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With bicycle ridership increasing over the past couple of years, this number may grow unless cities make their roads more bicycle friendly. Bicyclists must also do their part to remain visible and safe.

Bicycle Safety Tips
Seattle Bicycle accident attorneyBicycles are some of most high-risk vehicles on the road. Bicyclists must take extra. Here are some bicycle safety tips:

  • Night-time driving — avoid night time driving. Since bicycles have a slim profile, they are often not visible, especially after dark.
  • Riding near restaurants and bars — bicyclists need to be especially cautious around restaurants and bars so as not to be hit by a drunk driver.
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road — A lot of bicylists feel they are safer by riding against traffic. This practice is actually more dangerous because cars and trucks to not expect to come upon a bicyclist.
  • Riding at lane’s edge — many bicyclists ride along the side of the road to give way to car, trucks and buses. This is actually a mistake because it makes the bicyclist vulnerable to being hit by mirrors or side-swiped by a passing vehicle. It is recommended that, if there is not a bicycle lane, the cyclist take the middle of the lane to be seen.
  • Helmet — bicyclists should wear protective headgear. Since the majority of serious injuries and fatalities are brain injuries, a helmet can save a debilitating brain injury or death. A recent New York City study found that 97% of the cyclists killed in that city were not wearing a helmet at the time.
  • Reflective gear — cyclists should wear reflective and bright clothing to be seen.

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