Woman receives $5M award in sideswipe car accident

A New York woman who suffered a serious knee injury after her vehicle was sideswiped by a man who was driving a company-owned van has settled a negligence lawsuit for $5 million with the man who hit her and the company he worked for.

Kimberley Benson was stopped in traffic which Matthew Yackern, driving a van owned by his employer, sideswiped her SUV. Benson suffered a serious knee injury requiring several surgeries. Benson suffered a potentially life-threatening side effect of one of the knee surgeries, a pulmonary embolism (PE). A PE is a condition in which a blood clot forms in one of the legs’ deep veins and moves to the lung or other part of the body and blocks an artery. A PE can cause difficulty breathing, chest pain and is sometimes fatal. Benson is at increased risk of PE in the future.

Benson now walks with a cane and suffers from complex regional pain syndrome, a chronic progressive disease which can occur after injury and surgery.

Vicarious Liability

Benson filed an injury lawsuit against both Yackeren and his employer, World Wrestling Fedn. claiming that Yackeren had negligently operated his vehicle.

The lawsuit against World Wrestling Fedn. arose under the doctrine of vicarious liability. Vicarious liability — respondeat superior — is a legal doctrine that holds a person or a company responsible for the actions of another person or an employee. In this instance, World Wrestling Fedn. can be held legally responsible for the injuries to Benson.

In a case like Benson’s, her personal injury attorney understood the doctrine of vicarious liability and how it could be applied to make sure the right persons were named as defendant’s in Benson’s injury lawsuit.

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