Woman receives settlement for injuries sustained in parking lot accident

A recent car accident settlement can remind us how serious parking lot accidents can be. A woman who sued the driver who hit her car in a parking lot accident has been awarded a $191,700 car accident injury award.

parking lot accident lawyerMarie Campbell, 47, suffered serious injuries when her car was hit by Bryon Transue’s SUV in a grocery store parking lot. Her numerous injuries including a cracked rib, a broken jaw and injuries consistent with whiplash. She has not been able to return to work as an insurance salesperson due to medical problems she still experiences including vertigo, jaw problems and pain. Her medical expenses at the time of the court date were $60,0000.

Campbell filed a lawsuit against Bryon Transue, the driver of the SUV that hit her vehicle. She claimed in her lawsuit that Transue was negligent in hitting her vehicle as he pulled out of a parking spot. See: Campbell v. Transue, No. 09CV1526 (Kan., Wyandotte Co. Dist. Feb. 15, 2012).

With tens of thousands of parking lots and parking structures, accidents are bound to happen. While many are of the minor “fender bender” type because of the low speed that most vehicles are traveling in a parking lot, some parking lot accidents such as this one can result in serious injuries.

Pedestrians often the victims in parking lot accidents

Pedestrians often are seriously injured in parking lot accidents. The elderly and the young are often susceptible to backover accidents. If a driver is distracted adjusting their radio or making a cell phone call and they back out of a parking space without paying careful attention to the people who may be walking by.

What to do if you are involved in a parking lot accident

  • Call the police
  • Call for medical assistance
  • Exchange information with the driver that hit you
  • Try to gather witness statements and contact information
  • Take photos with your cell phone camera

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