Wrong way drivers: a menace on the road

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study reveals that about 3% of fatal motor vehicle accidents are caused by wrong way drivers.

Over the past year, we have seen our share of wrong way car accidents in and around Seattle and throughout Washington State including:

The common denominator in many wrong way accidents is alcohol. The drunken driver is so impaired that she or he drives up an off-ramp to a freeway or the wrong way on a major street and collides with another vehicle. In fact, in nearly 75% of fatal wrong-way motor vehicle accidents, the wrong way driver is impaired with alcohol or drugs.

Another factor in wrong way crashes is elderly or confused drivers.

Research has shown that certain types of highway ramps and interchanges have a greater number of wrong-way accidents. In both the case of drunken drivers or elderly drivers, remedial measures could be taken by enhancing “Do not enter” and “Wrong way” signs at freeway entrances and making signs highly reflective.

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