Wrongful death lawsuit seeks to overturn Wyoming liquor liability law

The family of a couple, John and Carol Munkberg, killed by a drunken driver have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the owners of two saloons that served alcohol to the drunk driver that killed them. The lawsuit is against Doug and Denny Freier who own two Big Horn County Wyoming saloons reports the Trib.com.

John and Carol Munkberg were killed in a car accident in January of 2008 caused by Randall LaBrie whose blood alcohol content at the time of the accident was 0.16%, two times the legal limit. LaBrie and his two passengers were also killed in the car accident.

The Munkberg family is represented by Pat Crank , the former Wyoming state attorney general. In seeking compensation from the bar owners, the lawsuit tests a 2002 Wyoming Supreme Court decision which limits a bar owner’s liability when they serve an obviously drunk person.

Many states have a “Dram Shop Act” which can hold a liquor seller liable for any damages caused by an intoxicated person if they sell or serve alcohol to a person under the legal age or to an obviously intoxicated person. A dram shop includes bars, restaurants, hotels and night clubs.

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