Wrongful death suit filed in bicycle accident death of UW scientist

The family of Kevin Black, a University of Washington scientist who was killed in a bicycle accident in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle in February of 2009, has filed a wrongful death suit against the driver of the van who hit Black and the company that employed the driver reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Washington state has a wrongful death statute which allows a family to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of their deceased loved one. In cases likes auto accidents or bicycle accidents, the family may be able to recover compensation if the court determines the person or entity who caused the death had performed a negligent or wrongful act.

In this case, the Black family is request compensation for Black’s two young daughters because they feel the driver of the van that hit Black was negligent in making a U turn. The suit also requests compensation from Ambient Control Company because the driver of the van was working for Ambient at the time of the bicycle accident.

In King County, it usually takes about 18 months for a wrongful death lawsuit to be scheduled. A tentative trial date in this case is set for 2011 unless the parties to the suit settle before the trial date.

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