WSP seeks driver of RV involved in I-90 serious injury accident

The Washington State Patrol is seeking the driver of an RV whose awning came loose and went thru the back window of a Chervolet Suburban that was parked alongside Interstate 90. The force of the metal bar and awning coming through the Suburban’s window seriously injured two occupants of the vehicle, one seriously. The most seriously injured party was airlifted to Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee.

The State Patrol said the RV’s driver may be unaware of what transpired.

Witnesses to the incident are asked to contact Sergeant Elizabeth Bigger at 509-750-4560.

Unsecured Loads A Serious Hazard on the Roadway

Accidents like this one are a serious reminder to motorists to secure cargo on their vehicle. Accidents caused by lost or unsecured loads are responsible for up to 360 deaths every year and approximately twenty-five thousand accidents. Failing to secure a load can result in a driver being charged with a gross misdemeanor and result in a sentence of up to one year in jail and a $5,000 fine according to Washington’s unsecured load law, RCW 46.61.655.

Loss loads and debris on the road endangers motorists because the debris can strike a vehicle or may cause an accident when a driver does a maneuver to avoid an object in the roadway.

According to the Department of Ecology, all sorts of items are known to come off a vehicle. Their web-site provides some examples of some lost loads incidents in one calendar year in Washington state that caused either injury or property damage:

  • 12 5,000 pound steel pipes roll off semi-tractor trailer on Interstate 5
  • Pickup truck spills 10,000 nails on I-5 near Federal Way
  • Bales of hay falls off trailer and causes property damage on Highway 12 near Montesano
  • Wooden stairs fall off of truck and cause an injury accident near Chehalis
  • Chair and ottoman fall off of truck causing injury accident on I-5 near Kalama
  • Metal bar flies thru car windshield, nearly impaling driver on I-90 near Issaquah
  • Bus carrying Bellevue High School football team rolls over after swerving to avoid a ladder on I-5 near Tacoma
  • Large rock smashes thru a windshield on I-5 near Dupont
  • Load falls off trailer and causes property damage on WA-97 near Yakima
  • Barbecue falls off of truck and causes injury accident on I-395 near the Blue Bridge
  • Construction equipment falls off truck on Highway 12 near Walla Walla.

It including refrigerators, couches, bicycles, construction materials and gravel. It is important for motorists to tie down their loads and materials with tarps, netting and other tie-down systems such as Tarp-X.

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