Young mother dies in car accident caused by poor highway maintenance

John Fisher, his wife Maureen, and there two children were driving on Interstate 20 in Alabama when the car ahead of them hit a pothole, launching a piece of concrete like a missile through Fisher’s windshield. The chunk of concrete hit Maureen in the head causing a head injury so severe that the young mother died the next day.

Fisher was driving at the speed limit and the family was wearing safety belts. The car that hit the pothole driven by Crystal Marie Dick, was also traveling at the speed limit. No one was ticketed in the accident.

The pothole that caused the car accident had been fixed at least once but the repair broke down. Because of poor maintenance of the highway, A pothole and the lack of highway maintenance killed this young mother of two.
bellevue injury attorneySaid Fisher’s father:

“It was the state of Alabama’s fault for not maintaining their roads,” he said. “It was a terrible thing, and we will never get over it.”

Road hazards and defects both in maintenance and design cause accidents. Many times something like a pothole can cause a motor vehicle accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident because the drivers involved don’t have much warning to take preventative measures. Common road hazards which can cause an car accident include:

  • Potholes
  • Lack of safety barriers
  • Missing, misleading or inadequate signs
  • Shoddy road construction
  • Poor road drainage causing flooding in poor weather
  • Blind spots
  • Improper lane configurations
  • Potholes

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